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'Venice carnival' wedding

This couple wanted to celebrate their wedding in Venice as they love the fun and happy extravagance of the city.  I designed the event to reflect this, with baroque style invitations and a very dramatic table setting at the old Cipriani Granai.

I drew the invitation to reflect the traditional miniature theatres you see everywhere in Venice, with each page building up to complete a view of the Grand Canal.

The final invitation was brought to life with gold leaf embellishments and a golden wax seal.

The Cipriani Granai is a very old grain warehouse that was undergoing repairs before our wedding.

My visual of the wedding dinner decor.

The menu design.

The finished menu, with the name of the guest on the other side to serve as a place card.

We always work with the same florist company for events in Italy and they really work wonders! 

The finished table decor.

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