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'Treillage' tent wedding

This couple couldn't find a venue big enough to seat their 800 guests by the Bosphorus, so we installed a huge tent and filled it with a light and whimsical decor.

My plan for the wedding showing the three tents.  To seat 800 guests with a large enough dance floor and performance space, we had to combine three separate tents. The bride wanted to use the palace stairs for her grand entrance so the tent heights had to be extra high to incorporate them.

The tent decor.  My design was inspired by regency treillage designs and I had to work hard to maintain a sense of balance and simplicity despite the complexity of the design.  The windows were filled with mirror to reflect the light and create a sense of depth.

A view of the finished decor showing the treillage decor for the ends of the tents.  

Floral detail: ivy, roses and ceramic birds formed the table centrepieces.

I designed the dance floor as a large fantasy aubusson rug.

The bar decor.  It served as a backdrop to the palace staircase, and also served as a showcase for the 'treillage' decor on the outer edges of the tent.

A view of the wedding area.  Because of the number of guests present and the limited viewing angles of the narrow tent, the stage was moveable so that it could be pushed to a less central position after the ceremony.

Instead of using traditional rental furniture, for the chairs, I wanted something more in keeping with the naive air of the decor.  I painted a sample which was replicated on chair covers.

The finished decor showing the perspective of the 'treillage' decor and the chandeliers that seem to continue to infinity.

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