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'Glamour 54' wedding

This couple come from families who own nightclubs, and they wanted their wedding to capture the fun and glamour of Studio 54, but at the same time, they had a lot of older guests who wouldn't appreciate an all-out nightclub decor.  The compromise was a large central bar area in the centre for young guests, complete with a huge bespoke 70s influenced chandelier that flashed with the music, and more traditional long tables for the upper edges of the space.

My visual for the event.

My initial concept sketch and calculations for the bar centrepiece chandelier.

A view of the finished decor.

Detail of the chandelier and bar.

In creating a decor centre-piece for the centre of the room, I was inspired by 1970s chandeliers and the shiny plastic materials of the period.  The chandelier was hung from the lighting truss so it appeared to be balancing on its very small base.

Floral arrangements in mosaic 'disco' vases.

Formal tables for older guests. 

Older guests sat at long tables on either side of the dance floor.  Huge 3.5m high mirrors that lit up in time with the music ensured that guests had views of the dance floor from wherever they sat.

Ready to party!

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