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Sea-side wedding

The venue for this wedding was a large narrow sun-bathing deck at D-Maris in the south of Turkey - lots of wood and not much else!

Because the deck is so narrow, I needed a lounge seating plan that would help everyone feel included, no matter how far from the dance floor they were... 

Cascades of flowers hung from enormous pieces of driftwood.  The mirrored arc reflected the light and became almost invisible as the sky grew dark.

I created a glamorous fire pit lounge with mirrored bar so guests seated at the far end of the deck would feel compensated.  They had a great view of the custom-built dance floor covered in shimmering discs of mother-of-pearl.

This is normally just a round sun-bathing deck with no barrier, so I designed the bar to run around the edge, with a dance floor in the centre so nobody could fall in to the sea.

The family own a furniture-production firm so I worked with the family to custom-design and produce all the furniture.

The floral arrangements were simple and delicate to match the simplicity of the driftwood.

The fire pit lounge

A view of the mirrored arches and decor at night

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