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'Moulin Rouge' party

The grand ballroom of the Ciragan Palace Kempinski was too traditional for this bride and groom, who wanted to make a crazy, passionate statement about their love.  Together, we created a 'Moulin Rouge' concept complete with can-can performers,  pole dancers and lots of hot pink and red!

A large stage and catwalk formed the centrepiece of the decor, and around the edge of the dance floor, I placed 8m long mirrored tables, each with their own working bar and a swarovski-clad pole dancer who performed as guests ate.

A view of the central catwalk and stage.  The swing hanging above the stage doubled as a table for the bride and groom to sign the wedding license.

The mirrored tables and poles for dancers.  Candelabras were topped with ostrich feathers.

A pole dancer practices her moves on the table in preparation for the party.

 Candelabras were topped with ostrich feathers, and mirrored walls helped reflect the light.

One of the performers sang 'La Vie en Rose' as she descended from the ceiling.

Another performance continued the burlesque theme with fun dance routines and songs.

A view out towards the entrance corridor, which set the theme for guests as they walked through a tunnel of love-hearts.

Stage detail.  Ah... L'amour...!   

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