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This bride wanted a princess wedding, so we designed and built raised floors, false walls, ornate balconies, and hung more than 40 chandeliers and candelabras to turn the Ciragan Palace Kempinski into the ballroom of Marie Antoinette.


The invitations were sent out in four different coloured silk sleeves inspired by the macarons of Laduree.

Concept sketches and layout visuals

False floors help raise guests so they can see better.  The lighting system is necessary as the ballroom does not have built-in lighting rigs.

Installing the false walls: I designed the walls with false windows and huge antique-style mirrors to reflect all the light from the chandeliers and crystal.

Like the invitations, the sofas were in different colours inspired by Laduree macarons.

Younger guests sat at raised round sofa booths looking down on to the dance floor.

8 additional crystal chandeliers were designed and hung above the dance floor.

I drew illustrations inspired by the dishes to decorate the menu and give it an old-fashioned storybook feel.

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