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'Henna night' party

This bride wanted a henna night party but without the customs that are usually associated with this traditional celebration.  Instead, she wanted something bright and colourful to contrast with her 'White Paradise' theme wedding decor the following night.  We worked with Jeff Leatham to create an eye-popping explosion of pink and purple flowers.

My seating plan for the dinner had long tables around the edge of the pool.

My visual of the decor showed the long mirrored tables covered in Jeff's signature blooms, along with huge mirrored lanterns tracing the outline of the pool from above.

I wanted the lanterns to be covered in mirror.

A view of the lanterns hanging above the finished decor.

 Candelabras were topped with ostrich feathers, and mirrored walls helped reflect the light.

Eye-popping floral decor from Jeff Leatham.

Another view of the floral decor.

The finished decor as guests arrived.

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