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'Haremlique' window display 2012

'Haremlique' is a chain of shops specialising in high-end luxury home and clothing items designed with an Ottoman touch.  When they opened their new flagship store, they wanted to create a window display that would reflect their concept in an eye-catching way.  Inspired by their Ottoman engraving fabrics, I developed the concept of automated life-size engraving figures, living in a fantasy three-dimensional Ottoman engraving home.

The store's signature product is its Ottoman engraving-inspired fabrics.  For the flagship store, I wanted the window to represent a three-dimensional Haremlique  world made of the same-style engravings.

To create this three-dimensional world seemingly made of two-dimensional engravings, I had to draw every element of the house and its occupants, from every visible angle and then blow each drawing up to life-size.  Any parts of the set that would be articulated needed to be drawn in separate pieces.

I needed to showcase the store's main products list in my Haremlique world, so I needed to include representations of coffee and tea service, homeware, the bedroom and bathroom, along with day-to-day household items.

3D Max rendering showing the limited space available for my revolving sets.

Building the sets.

One of the mechanised figures was this life-size baby who played peek-a-boo from his cot.

A view of the shop window.

Detail from the set of the Ottoman ladies drinking coffee.

A view of the shop entrance.

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