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'Boho' Mykonos wedding

This couple wanted a very relaxed and informal beach wedding, so they chose the 'boho' hotspot Scorpios in Mykonos for their dinner and party.

Guests were encouraged to dress informally, with a shoe-check for guests wishing to party barefoot on the beach, and feather head-dresses and dreamcatcher accessories as gifts.

My visual of the wedding gazebo decor.  The bride wanted a gypset-style tent but she also needed to please the groom's traditionalist jewish parents, so so I designed a structure in the form of a tee-pee that could open up to become a chuppah for the religious part of the ceremony.  As it was, the religious ceremony was celebrated separately so we didn't need to open the teepee in the end.

The invitation envelope with seal and feather ties.

The invitation inside was very simple and naive in style, with hand-drawn elements and feather ties.

Guests were given a hand-made white dreamcatcher as a table number card.  

The decor for the dining area.

Large macrame drapes were hung around the various cabanas to make the space feel more white and wedding-like, without losing the informal and 'boho' feel of the venue.

Visual of the desserts buffet.

Photo of the finished desserts buffet.

The finished wedding ceremony decor.

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