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'Al Fresco' wedding

This wedding decor was conceived as a fantasy 'al fresco' garden wedding inspired by the wonderful old pergolas found at chateaus and villas across continental Europe.

The bride and groom wanted something familial in style but wth a sense of traditional formality, so I imagined the decor as if all the old family silverware and crystal had been brought out of the house and placed around the venue to decorate an impromptu and home-style wedding.

Upon arrival, guests went upstairs for the wedding ceremony inside the mansion, and then were invited downstairs for the cocktail and dinner reception.  After dinner and dancing downstairs, guests once again moved back upstairs to find the ceremony area transformed into a glamorous night club.

Seen here is the interior of Esma Sultan Mansion in Istanbul before decoration.

Seen here, my visual for the ceremony area upstairs.

The entrance to the wedding ceremony area was softened by these huge white curtains guarded by enormous vases of garden-style flowers.

The enormous wrought-iron chandelier hung over the bridal path.  I had to design the space so that it could be used first as a wedding ceremony area, and then, while the guests were eating downstairs, could be quickly and silently transformed into a complete nightclub with huge round bar, a dance floor and lounge areas. 

A view of the outdoor terrace before decor.

My visual of the garden pergola that would be built for guests to dine beneath.

The completed garden pergola with long family-style tables, masses of flowers and candlesticks and 56 custom-made crystal chandeliers.

Gorgeous flowers in arrangements of pinks and whites filled the centres of the family-style tables.

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