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Colour pop engagement

For this engagement party in Bodrum, the couple wanted something young, bright, happy and colourful.


We wanted to avoid large and bulky lighting rigs so we created a system of hanging lamps above the long tables and decorated them with arrangements of dried grasses that hung over the tables like rainbow bursts of fireworks.


We used combinations of long wooden tables and smaller round tables with sofas and kept the atmosphere dynamic and fresh with bright tabletop flowers in modern asymmetrical vase combinations.

Seen here is the hand-painted invitation we created for the couple.

A view of the venue in Bodrum before we began decorating.

My hand-painted visual of the dinner area showing the table arrangements and suspended flower pops.

A view of the tables from the entrance area - the terrace is very empty and exposed so we hung curtains around the space to make it feel more cosy and intimate.

A table detail showing the combinations of colourful fresh flowers on the table to match the hanging dried grasses above. 

The lampshades were a means of lighting the table without the need for any bulky lighting equipment.

Looking towards the entrance across the table arrangements.

Another view of the colourful arrangements.

Seen from above, the tables' floral treatments create a spectacular effect.

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