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Colourful 'village' 


For this sea-side wedding down in Bodrum, the bride and groom wanted something young, colourful and down-to-earth to reflect their fun-loving, relaxed personalities.   


Seen here, the beach club in Bodrum that would be the wedding venue.

The moodboard set the tone for a colourful, happy wedding decor.

The couple wanted an informal buffet, with an emphasis on comfortable lounge seating.  The visual shows the seating plan I developed - sofas positioned around the central bar and dance floor radiating outwards, with bistro tables at the outer edges closest to the buffets at either side of the venue.

Upon arrival, guests were first directed towards a very simple wedding gazebo positioned at the end of the pier, decorated with local olive branches, white flowers and lanterns.

After the ceremony, guests passed into the main dining area where they were greeted with a riot of colourful summer flowers.

Another view of the tables, with arches of trailing bougainvillea sourced from the local surroundings.

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