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Saint-Tropez wedding

This celebrity couple are extremely famous in Turkey and so they were a real challenge to design for: she's a social media phenomenon and wanted something huge and over-the-top for her friends and Instagram followers, while he wanted something tasteful and understated for his government and business associates.  Plus, they wanted an outdoor wedding in Saint-Tropez in mid-September, meaning the weather could be cold and very windy.

I designed a decor that combined a retro vibe with bohemian sparkles and lace (for her), with more under-stated masculine 

wooden furniture and thick high-quality fabrics (for him).

The husband-to-be knew the wedding would receive a lot of media attention so even the Save the Date was designed to thwart the public's expectations of how over-the-top their wedding would be.

Seen here, the venue before decoration.

My design for the restaurant area incorporated huge pampas grass chandeliers, bohemian tablecloths and wooden chairs - a combination of glamour and rusticity

We worked with Parisian florist Marianne Guedin to create these stunning floral combinations of roses, pampas, dried grass and wild flowers.  Again, the emphasis was on something elegant and understated, with small lights adding an unexpected modern twist.  The hand-knitted scarves were there to keep guests warm if the weather was chilly (which it was).

A view from the restaurant towards the wedding ceremony area.

A detail from the table - my menus had revolving windows that showed each course as it rotated.

The sparkling lights inside the floral arrangements.

The couple's monogram was deliberately 'rock and roll' to reflect their glamorous life-style.  This was then used in the printed materials, plus the t-shirts of wait-staff, and even the shape of the wedding gazebo decor.

Their monogram sequinned on to the staff's fabulous t-shirts.

Their monogram sequinned on to the staff's fabulous t-shirts.

My design for the wedding gazebo, using pampas grass and dried wooden branches.

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