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Family 'Shabat' Feast

There are many families that we feel  connection with and grow close to, but this family in particular holds a very special place in our hearts.

Family life is very important to them, so it was a great pleasure and an honour for us to be asked to decorate their 'Shabat' feast table.  

I wanted to keep things feeling intimate and cosy but I also wanted to bring in a feeling of the middle east so we used raw linens, mediterranean herbs and huge bunches of olive branches alongside our enormous hand-turned wooden lamps.

Seen here, the terrace before decoration.

My visual for the table arrangement (before I realised it was a wooden terrace!)

The finished table: large hand-turned wooden lanterns were positioned along the table so that they wouldn't block guests' views.  Small pots of mediterranean herbs and olive gave the table a cosy feel.

We combined copper and aluminium pots for a rustic home-made ambiance.

Oxidised metal sous plats held personalised welcoming messages for the guests.  Small loaves with a sprig of olive completed the intimate vibe.

The venue has a large wooden gazebo that the family didn't want to use, but instead we turned it into a decor centrepiece, covering it with thousands of sparkling fairy lights and using it as a dessert buffet.

For the prayer, 'Kippah' hats were available in baskets for guests to help themselves to.

A view of the table and the cosy wooden lamps as it grew darker.

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