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'Aegean Dream' wedding

This modern and very successful professional couple decided to host their wedding reception at a former beer factory that had recently been converted into a luxury boutique hotel.  The hotel, down on the Aegean Coast of Turkey in a popular tourist town called Alaçatı, felt very modern and masculine in appearance so I wanted to soften the lines and create something that felt more romantic and joyful.

Combining local fabrics with local herbs, flowers and plants, I created a cosier environment with the help of false floors and a large central bar that united the different areas of the garden.  

Seen here, the venue before we began to decorate.

My hand-painted monogram for the couple combined locally found olive branches with a modern simple typeface for their names.

They needed to share lots of information with a guest list of international friends and family so I designed and illustrated a web site that held all the information while continuing the wedding concept's ambiance and style. 

My visual for the wedding shows the longer tables for older guests, the large bar and lounge area for the younger guests, the buffet areas, ceremony and even the vintage farm truck that hosted our mini bar station.

The lounge area was built on a false floor to unite the upper grass area with the (originally much lower) stone level.  Cushions and sofas were covered in cottons and linens and accessorised with locally sourced village-style tassels and pom poms.

A close up of the lounge seating areas - personal ice buckets containing vodka and champagne were waiting for guests when they arrived.

A view of the wedding ceremony arch looking towards the older seating area and, in the background, the lounge and after party area.

We found a vintage farm truck on the premises so we piled it high with flowers and fresh herbs and used it as a backdrop for our mini margarita bar station.

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