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'Haremlique' window display 2017

I last designed a window display for the luxury gifts, home decor and fine linens retailer 'Haremlique' back in 2012 and this time they approached me to design their tenth anniversary celebration window.  This time they had a very limited budget, but still we wanted to create something that felt luxurious while still retaining the whimsical Ottoman fantasy of their brand identity.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Haremlique created a new fabric design inspired by the famous fruit room at Istanbul's Topkapı Palace.  Seen here, is the original room at the palace that inspired the new fabric design.

Seen here is the fabric design inspired by the fruit room at Topkapı Palace in Istanbul.  I needed to create a window display that could showcase this new fabric in a theme-appropriate way.

My main window design: a sumptuous bed inspired by Ottoman tents, with the alcoves and niches of the fabric design brought to life and filled with the fruit and flowers of their sales wares.

The niches were just deep enough to showcase their new collection.  They were then covered in fabric and mirror.

General view of the exterior showing the completed window from outside.  On the left can be seen a custom-designed 'nahıl' -a traditional Ottoman form of festive decoration similar to the Christmas tree, which was typically decorated with fruit, nuts and flowers.  In our version, we created a luxurious version using gold-brushed fruit and nuts, and flowers made of gold leaf.  More photos can be seen below.

A detail of the bed showing the fabrics and linens.

This is my design for the two front windows - a simplified version of the niches and alcoves to showcase their silverware and coffee products.

Seen here, the finished front windows from the exterior.

I wanted to bring the animals from the fabric to life so we sourced these monkey lamps.  My original intention was to make them wear theme-appropriate Ottoman servant costumes but in the end, the client preferred to keep them undecorated.

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