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'Five O'Clock Kitchen' restaurant design

I was brought on board to design the interior for a brand new restaurant venture from one of Istanbul's most prominent pastry chefs Sinem Eksioglu.  The new concept would comprise a bakery, patisserie, lunch and dinner restaurant and cafe.  Sinem wanted the restaurant to be functional and modern while reflecting her refined catering style and love of detail and decoration.  

Seen here, the venue before decor.

My moodboard for the event

Some of my initial designs for the interior decor (seen here, the main wall and restaurant logo, the buffet area, custom-designed shelves and the bar)

One of the first tasks was to design a new restaurant logo that retained the clock concept of the old design while moving it into something more modern and sophisticated.

The completed logo mounted on the restaurant wall.

General view of the interior showing the pastry service at the entrance to the space and the new logo on the wall.

The space had some challenges due to strangely-shaped niches and alcoves that could not be altered.  I designed custom shelving systems to take advantage of these alcoves.  Seen here, the largest alcove is incorporated into a large custom-designed brass bread rack.

Another custom-designed shelving system used for tea service.

The wall of the restaurant was inspired by a design by Tonka Project - I added mirror elements and lighting to bring the back wall to life.

Details of the custom-printed napkins.

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