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'Sea-Breeze Dream' wedding

This elegant, natural bride and her huge-hearted groom chose a silent beach as the location for their wedding, so we loved the idea of using the seashore theme as the starting point for our evening's decor.

We chose rough linens and combined them with sparkling sequins and stringy wool to create a table decor that felt organic, and accented them with rough crystal pieces, wrought iron and raw quartz table decor.

The flowers, designed by Marianne Guedin, were breathtaking symphonies of blue and white and felt as natural and happy as the bride herself.

Seen here, the venue for our wedding was the beach at Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum.

Hand-painted artwork for the invitations.

My visual for the wedding tent showing the scrubbed wooden flooring and cascading tent fabric decor.

A view of the completed tent.  We placed rugs, towels and scatter cushions on the sand for any guests who wanted to go late-night swimming.

Wooden rustic tables had custom linen runners that sparkled and floated in the seabreeze.  Tables had combinations of coral, crystal and stone decor pieces brought to life by seemingly wild combinations of flowers designed by Marianne Guedin.

Marianne designed unique floral arrangements that felt like they could have come from the sea.

Mercurized sous plats and candleholders along with hand-frayed linen napkins gave a sea-faded feel to the tablescapes.

The candle holders had frayed wool and sparkling sequin strings that blew in the breeze as guests ate.

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