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Yasemin & Mehmet's wedding invitation and stationery

For their 'Secret Garden' concept wedding, I designed the wedding invitation and all the wedding stationery including menus, gift packaging and even ice-cream containers to look as though they had all been pulled from the same set of old book prints.

The printed invitations were presented in a gift box and accompanied a hand-made picture frame of dried pressed flowers collected from the hills outside Bursa.

The gift box for the invitations.

Another view of the picture frame gifts that accompanied the invitations - each containing a unique composition of flowers and grasses.

The dinner menu continued the same floral hand-drawn theme but the time included a portrait of the bride's dog who was unable to attend the event itself.

The dinner menu as it was placed on the table setting.

The cocktail menu.

The cocktail menu at the party.

The wedding cake was home-made white chocolate ice-cream containing delicious swirls of traditional wedding cake, pistachios and strawberry jam.

As a unique and thoughtful wedding favour, the couple gave gifts of home-baked 'Blissful Wedding Cake' - a traditional Icelandic cake eaten on weddings and anniversaries.

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