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Ravello wedding weekend invitation

For this project, I was briefed to design an invitation that could convey a lot of detailed information (including a busy three-day wedding programme, dresscodes, information about the wedding locations, plus flights and hotel accommodation details) in a colourful, creative and fun way.

The bride and groom loved my proposal: an invitation inspired by holiday scrapbooks, full of meaningful mementoes, souvenirs, plans photos and hand-written notes.

Seen here, my colourful Save the Date's quirky calligraphy and watercolour paintings that set the tone for the invitation.

The embroidered linen front cover of the invitation scrapbook with my calligraphed title: "Viva l'Amore!"

Click on the photos below to explore each page in the scrapbook

The invitation cards with embossed foil monograms, the raw linen envelope and the calligraphed paper sleeve.

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