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'Members Club' engagement party

This engagement party at a private residence in Amman was a huge pleasure to design.  


Inspired by the themed rooms at private members' clubs like Annabel's in Mayfair, our own 'member's club' featured a Japanese-themed room, an Egyptian room, a Marie-Antoinette room and a jungle-themed room, all connected by a central dance-floor in the style of Annabel's famous garden terrace.

This fun concept allowed us to create multiple fantasy decors for the guests to wander through and enjoy.  Seen here is the space before we began work.

Our visual for the event, showing the design and thought that went into each separate element of the party decor.

A drone-shot showing the decor that we built in the garden showing the club doorway and windows concealing the different-themed rooms inside - the couple at the doorway gives an idea of its scale.

Seen from above, you can clearly see the layout of the space and the rooms including (from top left clockwise) the Marie Antoinette room where guests could help themselves to piles of deliciously decadent cakes and desserts, the stage area, the Japanese room with its central sushi bar and opium-den lighting, the jungle room where guests could enjoy fruit cocktails and tropical-themed snacks, and finally the Egyptian room where guests enjoyed middle-eastern snacks and desserts.  In the centre was the large dance floor and garden lounges.  The huge buffet was positioned outside the 'club'.

A dramatic doorway and neon sign welcoming guests to our members' club - guests were given members' cards at the welcome desks outside - they had to present these to the bouncers at the door to be allowed in.

A view of the central garden terrace dance floor and multiple sunken bar stations.

We used eclectic combinations of furnishings and fabrics to recreate the famous maximalist decor seen at Annabel's.

Just one of the many mouth-watering desserts stations positioned around the party space for guests to enjoy.

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