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Great Gatsby wedding

This bride and groom share a huge passion for anything related to the Art Deco era, so they asked for a wedding design that would transport them and their guests back to the Roaring 20's.

Our challenge would be to find a sophisticated decor that didn't feel at odds with the wedding venue - a sun-bathing deck at one of Bodrum's most popular sea-side resorts.  


We created a wedding decor full of glamour, sparkle and sophistication, with oversized art decor chandeliers, custom lamps, tasselled fringes and a showcase bar straight out of the pages of a F Scott Fitzgerald novel.

In this hand-drawn visual we created for the wedding decor, you can see the influence of art deco forms in the chandeliers, the screens, the bar, and even the fan-shaped positioning of the the lighting rigs themselves. 

A photo of the completed wedding decor set up.

Huge art-deco style chandeliers captured all the colors of the setting sun, while the lamps on the tables emphasized the fan-shaped layout of the table design.

Art Deco lamps on the tables were a decorative but practical solution to the strong winds in that part of Bodrum, while over-sized vases of white flowers in sculptural forms created volume and romance.

Another view of the layout looking towards the bar and dance floor.

The glamorous bar.

Custom embroidered feather and tassel-trimmed tablecloths complimented our Art Deco standing lamps.

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