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'Winter wonderland' wedding

This couple wanted to celebrate their marriage with a magical wedding weekend in the Swiss Alps. 

On the first night, guests were welcomed with a fondu party in the mountains, and for the wedding night, I designed a snowy winter-themed party decor in the ballroom of Badrutt's Palace, complete with realistic artificial snow on the floor, and a real snow fall as they had their first dance.

My 'Save the Date' postcard design - they liked it so much we used the couple on the sledge as the couple's monogram.

I designed the invitation as a magical 'pop up' version of Badrutt's Palace in the snow.

Details of the finished 'pop up' invitation.

The ballroom of Badrutt's Palace is very heavy German baroque so I created a decor that incorporated ceiling and wall coverings to hide all the dark wood.  

As a souvenir gift of the weekend, ladies were given silk scarves printed with my design, inspired by the Hermes scarves of the 1950s.

The finished scarf.

To create a frozen effect, huge crystal 'covers' were hung over the ballroom's own chandeliers, walls were covered in fake fur, and the floor was covered in realistic artificial snow.

Table tops had miniature snowscapes of swiss chalets with twinkling lights, icy trees, frozen flower arrangements and miniature snow drifts.

Another view of the decor.

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