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Amalfi Coast 'gypsy' wedding

Our young bride and groom wanted to escape to the Amalfi Coast to celebrate their wedding in a unique and relaxed way surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Having told us to let our imaginations run wild, we decided upon a colourful 'gypsy'-style celebration full of colours and happiness - the photos in this portfolio show the welcome night party that was held at Belmond Caruso in Ravello.  

Seen here is the couple's 'Save the Date' that I painted on my iPad Pro.

The wedding invitation was inspired by old Victorian travel scrapbooks full of keepsakes, mementoes, photos, recipes and souvenirs from much-loved travels, bound in a crisp white fabric-bound book with my calligraphed text.  For the title of the scrapbook, I chose 'Viva l'amore!', and this became the signature for all the wedding weekend's printed materials.

Seen here are the 'Viva l'amore!' headrests for the flight from Istanbul to Naples.

The venue for the 'gypsy' theme welcome party - the poolside arcade of Belmond Caruso in Ravello.

My initial visual for the welcome party.

I wanted it to feel festive and colourful to reflect the couple's fun-loving spirit so we decided to use bold patterns, stripes and colours in the fabrics, flowers and details.

The arcade has its own natural covering of vine leaves and wisteria but we were out of season for the flowers.  Instead, to create a riot of colour, I decided that hanging ribbons and lanterns among the leaves was a more economical way of achieving this colourful effect.

We had these custom plates made for our dinner party, set off by the amazing colours of local flowers.  The music on the plate was from an old Neapolitan song that I found that translates as 'When the moon shines on Marechiare (a town in Amalfi), even the fishes make love...'

Menus were printed on to tambourines to save space and complete the festive atmosphere.

A view of the completed table decor, with huge bowls of local lemons and the natural vines filled with hanging pompoms, ribbons, flowers and lanterns.

A final close-up of the table decor.

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