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'Neon Dreams' Bat Mitzvah

For this very mature and well-travelled young girl, we wanted to create something that was suitably cool enough for her, but that at the same time would not lose sight of the meaning of the 'Bat Mitzvah' celebration.

We created enormous neon signs for all the good things we wished for the young lady at this pivotal time in her life - dreams, success, fun, happiness, dance and lots of wow!

Guests entered via an enormous catwalk that projected their surprise on to huge LED screens behind them, and the night was filled with dance performances from her, her friends and of course later on, the guests.

Seen here is the venue for the party before we began decoration.

My visual for the room showing the fashion show-style catwalk, enormous LED screens and hanging neon signs created especially for the event.

A view of the venue Esma Sultan Mansion as guests approached along a path lined with lanterns.

To conceal an unsightly wall, I created a wall of graffiti, with famous quotes about becoming a strong, independent woman signed as if by each of her classmates.

Some of the hats and accessories we created for the fabulous 180degree freeze frame photobooth.

The 180 degree freeze frame Photo Booth was set up in the cocktail area and gave guests something fun to interact with as they waited to go upstairs.

Seen here is my team's effort!

Rather than have a regular wishbook, I bought some trendy Stan Smith trainers and designed a stand (with neon lighting) encouraging her school friends to sign them for her.

A view of the party area upstairs with the neon wishes hanging around the room and the huge fashion-show performance catwalk. Guests didn't realise they were entering via a catwalk and their entrances were filmed and projected behind them on the huge LED screens, creating some really fun entertainment for guests who had already entered the room.

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