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Antalya garden wedding

This couple are keen golfers and they decided to hold their wedding reception at Gloria Serenity resort ​in Antalya.

They wanted an elegant wedding with an emphasis on fine dining so we seated their guests at long table arrangements with elegant custom embroidered table linen and napkins and lush green and white flowers in silver vases, all framed by cascades of crystal and flowers above their heads.

Seen here is the stand painted 'save the date' we created for the couple.

The venue before we began decorating.

Our hand-drawn visual for the wedding decor showing the seating formations in relation to the dancefloor and bar, along with the dramatic showcase chandelier arrangement.

Seen here, chandeliers were hung at different heights above the tables and surrounded by cascades of white flowers and greenery to create a dreamy and magical effect.

We used a large tree as our focal point for the large round bar.

Long tables were dressed with custom embroidered crisp white linen, set off by the sparkle of crystal candelabras and the twinkle of candlelight.

Hand drawn menus featured each course drawn as it would be served - the custom napkins were embroidered with the word 'Love' especially for the couple.

The white table linen and silver accessories were set off beautifully in the candlelight.

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