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Istanbul garden wedding

This couple searched for months for the perfect venue - and we think you'll agree their hard work paid off when they found this stunning property in the forests outside Istanbul.​

The venue was a recently vacated house with four separate gardens - our challenge was to create a garden wedding for 250 guests with separate areas for a ceremony, a Covid-friendly spacious dinner area, plus an after party and a desserts buffet area.

However wet weather conditions meant that we needed to build and install every part of the wedding decor in just over nine hours... 

The couple originally wanted an Italian garden concept for their decor, but of course we needed a decor that would match the Ottoman grandeur of the house while keeping the atmosphere young and dynamic. We opted for a retro Italian after party with fun festive lighting, glamorous fire pit lounges and a band from Italy that only performs hits from the disco-tactic 70s. 


Seen here is the house before we began work.

Our 'save the date' artwork was inspired by the building's arches.

As the garden was so large and sprawling, we needed to produce separate visuals for each of the event's separate areas.  Seen here is the hand-drawn visual for the wedding dinner area.

This visual shows the after party area, with Puglia-style decorative light panels adding a touch of Italian fun to the party's retro ambiance.

(Unfortunately we had to cancel the shiny dance floor due to damp weather conditions.)

A view of the huge garden with its different levels - the entrance area, the cocktail and ceremony area, the dinner area, the after party area and the desserts buffet area. 

A view of the garden ceremony area - we used the garden's own metal pergola to create a wedding arch for the couple.

A view of some of the dining tables, with romantic white flowers, ivy and huge wooden candelabras crowned with bursts of forest ferns in a nod to the garden's setting.

Another view of the tables - we combined flowers with fruit to create a tabletop feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

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