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Delphinium Dream

With a reputation for bold, colorful, hyper-feminine dresses for her own fashion brand, this bride came to us with a very clear concept - colour, colour and more colour!

We fashioned a colourful Italian garden using replica Italian garden fountains, a stone wedding gazebo and explosions of bright colour-popping delphiniums to add fun young romance.  The wedding began in the late afternoon so we created shady areas using flower-strewn gazebos and whimsical custom sun parasols, and decorated tablecloths and chair covers with strings of fabric to flutter in the breeze.

A delicious menu serving all the customer's favourite Italian dishes was served from individual buffet stations that opened and closed as each course was ready, meaning guests could help themselves throughout the night to each separate course without over piling their plates.

Seen here is the hand-painted artwork that was sent out as an animated Save the Date for the couple's guests.

The venue before we began decorating.

Our hand-drawn visual for the wedding decor showing the ceremony arch, lounge gazebos, sun parasols and buffet areas.

Guests entered the space through an enormous gateway inspired by some of the Save the Date's original artwork.

A fountain trickling water onto a pool of rose petals served as a focus point and welcome for guests entering the wedding.

A view towards the wedding ceremony gazebo, showing our custom sun parasols and bursts of bright delphinium flowers.

Some details from the table decor.

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