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Love and lavender wedding

For this summer wedding in Bodrum, the bride wanted a simple but elegant garden decor that matched Bodrum's sunny, relaxed and pretty ambiance.

We chose a soft lavender palette, where we combined local lavender with sprays of bright pink bougainvillea for an understated but elegant lounge-style wedding.

Seen here are the escort cards that we gave to guests at the entrance, decorated with the same seals, white leather and sprigs of fresh lavender that adorned the wedding invitations.

Because of the large number of expected attendees, the couple decided upon buffet service for most of the younger guests with formal table service reserved just for the very oldest. 


Seen here is the terrace before we installed our wedding decor.

A view of our decor for the terrace, showing huge olive-oil pots filled with olive and delphinium that surrounded the space, along with the halos of purple flowers we hung above each sofa arrangement.  In the background can be seen the entranceway to our 'buffet village'.

We decided to separate the buffet area from the lounge areas with a 'buffet village' accessed via a walled entranceway.  This kept the buffet a surprise for guests while making it easier and more discreet to clear up after the buffet had closed and the party started.  

Seen here is the magical entranceway we created for the 'buffet village' built with shelves decorated with vases of flowers, candles and mini fairy lights.

Our visual for the older guests' dining area with formal tables.

A view of the older guests' dining area, showing the tables decorated with elegant linen runners and boxes of lavender and herbs.

A detail photo of the table-top decor.  The bride wanted everything to be very simple and under-stated so we used wooden elements like these flower boxes and custom candle holders to keep the table decor grounded.

The visual we created for the bar.  The venue doesn't have a permanent bar so we needed to create one near the space we reserved for the dance floor.  Looking to the pretty simplicity of Bodrum for inspiration, we settled on arrangements of hand-woven baskets filled with flowers and candles for a simple but dramatic bar backdrop.

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