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Butterfly engagement dream

We were asked to create a romantic engagement dinner for 35 guests at the home of a young bride-to-be .


Her family would meet his family for the first time so she wanted everything to be perfect - soft flowers, fine crystal, and elegant linens for the table.

There was only space to seat 35 guests in the garden but due to the season we decided to build a tent and decorate it accordingly.  Seen here is the visual we created for her tent decor.

We decided to build a series of arches to hold the flowers, and to alternate the arches with archways of tulle fabric to create a floaty romantic feel.

Once the tent was completed and the lights were hung, it was time to begin the decor.

Seen here are the wooden structures as the florists begin their work to transform them into romantic garden arches of cascading flowers.

A view of the completed tent, showing the arches of flowers and the long table seating 35 guests in an intimate family-style.

It's always nice to create different surprises for guests during the flow of the evening - in this case, we hid a desserts buffet behind a curtain at one end of the tent.  Towards the end of the dinner, the curtains were drawn back to reveal a magnificent display of cakes and desserts crowned by a cloud of butterflies.

A detail photo of the cloud of butterflies we created for the desserts buffet.  Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of the magnificent display of cakes and treats that were positioned later in the evening.

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