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'California sparkle' wedding

This couple wanted something light, natural, fresh and simple for their informal party-style wedding celebration.

We combined wooden surfaces with sparkling materials and used a plan of round levels, sofas and walls to create a laid-back retro party vibe that captured the relaxed sunny nature of their sweet characters.

Seen here is the venue before decoration.

My visual for the wedding showing the retro round lines of the sofas and levels.  The walls served a double purpose, preventing guests from tripping on the round levels and also providing an informal place to sit.

Guests entered the space through this glittering curtain of sequins, crystals and sparkles.

The wooden walls and surfaces added to the relaxed atmosphere inside the room.

I used tree branches as vases for the spring blossoms - seen here with one of my custom hand-drawn cocktail menus.

I wanted the seating to surprise guests with a touch of unexpected fun and sparkle - these tinsel trims for the pufs were difficult to apply but looked wonderful under the lights.

A view across the dance floor.

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