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'White Nights' rehearsal dinner

This wonderful couple from New York planned a wedding weekend in Istanbul to share with guests their love for their Mediterranean and Turkish roots.  Since they wanted their wedding celebration to have a formal garden theme, they asked for their rehearsal dinner to have a contrasting fresh white theme to compliment the Bosphorus-side setting of the venue. 

The decor I created had a soft, informal, fantasy Moroccan ambiance that was created using custom over-sized lanterns, hand-crafted white clay vases and exotic opaque glass tableware designed especially for the night.

Seen here - a view of the venue before decor.

My visual for the pool-side decor.

The clay pots lent an informal air to the table settings.

These enormous over-sized Moroccan lanterns were suspended over the pool.

Fresh flowers floating in the pool created a romantic ambiance.

A view of the decor as the sun set over the Bosphorus.

Another view of the table decor.

Table decor details: mercurised glass candle holders, clay pots and piles of flowers.

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