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'A night at the Circus!'

For this 13 year old with a love of vintage films and dreams of celebrating his Bar Mitzvah in a non-traditional format, we created a vintage circus-themed party with a difference.  Combining traditional comic acts like clowns and mentalists along with darker elements of Victorian freak show, the show kept both younger guests and their parents entertained throughout the night.

Seen here is my visual of the decor, showing the large central stage and bar and tables positioned around the edge to create a circus ring. 

The venue - the ballroom of Raffles Hotel Istanbul.

Guests received these 'tickets' to the show as part of their invitation.

Before passing into the venue, guests had to present their 'tickets' to the ticketmaster at the entrance.

Welcome drinks for arriving guests.

The bar encircled the stage and formed the centerpiece of the tent decor.

We tried to combine circus elements in our table decor, with lines of lightbulbs instead of candles for these sophisticated polished black tables.

For other tables, we created these fun arrangements complete with pom poms, circus sheet music and ticket stubs, with centerpieces of balls of flowers supporting balancing circus animals.

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