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An Istanbul fairytale

Having already had the honor and pleasure of working for this special family from Jordan before, we were delighted to be asked ​again to design another wedding for them, this time in Turkey.

When we met the bride, we knew immediately that we needed to create something that would match her elegance, delicacy, sweetness and beauty.  


Seen here is the venue for her 'fairytale garden' wedding on the banks of the Bosphorus - Esma Sultan Yalısı in Istanbul.

Seen here is our visual for the wedding, showing the positioning of the main bars, the dance floor and lounges.  The wedding supper was buffet-service, so there was no table for formal dining tables.

Our wedding layout seen from above.

Lighting rigs and equipment were covered in mirrors and supported cascades of flowers and foliage.  Bars and coffee tables were also covered in foliage to resemble topiary garden hedge features.

Seen here, custom lounge furniture featured comfy damask cushions and tassel trims.

Older guests were seated at these booths and served by waiters from the buffet.  We created the trellised wall to create a more cosy ambiance for these tables.

Flowers 'grew' in naturalistic forms around the venue and were used to soften necessary constructions lıke the stages and bars.

A view looking towards the gazebo lounge area, showing the mirror-covered truss system and the arrival of the guests.

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