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'Palace garden' wedding 

This bride and groom wanted to get married in their own garden, but to keep all their family and friends happy, they needed to find space for than 200 guests. Rather than squeeze long narrow tables around the edge of the pool, I designed a decor that involved covering the pool with false flooring and hiding the lighting rig in a truss system disguised as garden arches. 

My visual for the event showing the lighting arches covered in flowers.

My wedding invitation design.  This couple wanted a wedding design that was suitably royal in style.

Work begins - the truss system in place. Even in summer, houses on the Bosphorus often get high winds, so I designed a way of supporting the arches by hiding their connecting parts under false flooring.

Covering the arches in floral.

My dance floor design was based on old garden floor patterns, with the couple's monogram in the centre.

A view of the finished decor.

For the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom got married in front of my ornate garden gates.

Another view of the decor.

Table top decor and floral.  Napkins were embroidered with the couple's monogram and menus were printed on fans.

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